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Dr. James C. Warner, D.C.


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Dr. James C. Warner was born in 1952 in Heidelberg, Germany, the son of an American soldier and a German mother. His father, a life long Rockford resident, brought the young family to Rockford, where young Dr. Warner grew up and attended Rockford Public Schools, and graduated from Rockford West in 1970.


In sixth grade the future chiropractor seriously began to exercise and learn more about health. Eventually being a high school wrestling champion, Dr. Warner injured himself and went for chiropractic care. "From that visit until now, all I ever wanted to do was to be a Chiropractor," says Dr. Warner.


After graduating from Rock Valley College, Dr. Warner attended and graduated from National Chiropractic College in Lombard, Illinois. He has recieved post-graduate education at Palmer Chiropractic College and other institutions in many areas, including acupuncture, x-ray, orthopedics, applied kinesiology, and the Activator Method (attaining the highest practitioner rating). He has also attended and participated in over 30 Parker Chiropractic seminars around the country, and also in Canada and in the Netherlands. Dr. Warner wants to stay current in all areas of healthcare.


Six months after graduating from chiropractic college, Dr. Warner married Janet. Janet has worked often in the practice and in 1996 began working in the insurance department. They have four children: Lisa, Ken, Erika, and Sarah. Lisa is married and graduated from Trinity Christian College in the Chicago area, with a Chemistry degree. Ken is active in the National Guard. Erika is engaged to be married and attends the Milwaukee School of Engineering in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, studying to be a Nurse. Sarah attends Rock Valley College in Rockford.


The Warners place a high priority on serving God. All are active in the church. Dr. Warner teaches an adult Bible class weekly. The Warners are active in the Gideon Ministry, and place Bibles in various places locally and around the world. Dr. Warner has been to Bogata and Cali, Columbia, for major Bible distributions.


Dr. Warner has other interests, that include exercise, golf, and guitar. Dr. Warner is a busy doctor and devoted husband and father, and is also often "on the run." But, he is never too busy to stop and help one more patient get out of pain and regain health. "I love people, I love Rockford, and I love Chiropractic!"


Dr. Robert J. Kunz

Dr. Robert J. Kunz is a 1977 graduate of the National College of Chiropractic. Dr. Kunz was the curator of the anatomy museum and anatomy lab instructor for four years. He also did one semester of research working with college president Dr. Josepg Janse on the "Effects of Chiropractic Adjustments on Intervertebral Foraminal Adhesions." He worked with Dr. Reed Phillips, who became president of the Los Angeles College of Chiropractic, on the "Biomechanics of the Fixated Atlas."


Dr. Bob recieved his first Chiropractic adjustment at age 11. He came in on recommendation rom his mother who was being treated for upper and lower back pain. She had asked of Chiropractic could help hay fever and allergies, which it can.


Upon completing pre-med courses, Dr. Bob decided on Chiropractic. He did so, because he enjoyed observing results. He decided rather than taking pills and caling an MD in two weeks when the pills didn't work, that chiropractic works, it got results and thats what counted.


Dr. Kunz opened his first office in downtown Chicago. He then associated with Dr. Ralph Devine for ten years in LaGrange, IL. After Dr. Devines retirement, Dr. bob moved his practice one mile east where it was until August 1997. He has since gone into practice closer to his home.


Dr. Bob is a life long Chicagoan, moved to Lake in the Hills in June 1995 with his wife Donna and five children: Tom, Laura, Vicki, Kirsten, and Scottie.


Dr. Kunz interests include reading, music, trains, the Bears, and the Bulls.

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