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by Dr. Warner

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Let’s face it. We live in a world of drugs. The medical profession, drug companies, TV ads,and internet banner ads all push treatment of symptoms. Treatment to keep the body healthy is often totally neglected. If only as a nation we would treat people to help them fight off sickness and disease, there would be a far less need for drugs with their side effects, and life threatening sequels. The United States uses more drugs than the rest of the world combined, yet we are not any healthier. People in several other countries live longer and better than we do.


Chiropractic and homeopathy are methods of natural health care that helps the nervous system keep the rest of the body in health. The nervous system is the electrical system of the body. Your heart runs on electricity (EKG). Your brain runs on electricity (ECG). All organs are influenced by electrical impulses from the nerves. Drugs treat the body chemically. But chemicals are the cause of many diseases. For good health we need to get rid of the chemicals-not add to them! More is not better.

Homeopathy is a proven system of improving body function by using minute amounts of various natural substances in water. It is totally safe and without side effects. There are no warnings on the bottles. Dr. Warner will not make you sign something to save his neck, like other doctors do before giving an immunization. No body has ever died from a homeopathic remedy, unlike drugs like Celebrex, Vioxx, Aleve, Neurontin, etc. No child has become autistic from homeopathy, like from immunizations.


Dr. Warner will carefully test you using proven muscle testing procedures to see if homeopathy can work for you. If one of more than 100 remedies tests positive, you can look forward to a good healthy outcome. Your immune system will grow stronger to fight off disease. Your body will detoxify if needed and your emotions may heal. Homeopathy may well be the missing puzzle piece to your health situation.


Our bodies were meant to be healthy without taking drugs. While an occasional drug may at times be called for, this should be the exception and not the rule. Follow a good diet with lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. Drink several glasses of good quality water. Exercise at least 3-4 times per week. Get enough sleep and rest. Get regular chiropractic to maintain a healthy nervous system. And take homeopathic remedies if a sickness comes up. You will live longer and much better if you do.



Please contact Dr. Warner if you have questions about homeopathy or any other subject. You can email Dr. Warner at drwarner@warnerchiro.com.



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